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New Video Helps Kids Understand the Gospel

Jesus told stories when He taught. He knew the power of stories to help people connect to spiritual truth. Fast forward to today. Effective communicators use stories to help people grasp Biblical truth. One of the most effective ways to use stories when you teach are videos. Kids love videos. Push play and you've got their attention. With this in mind, I and the team I served with made a video entitled "The Unclaimed Ticket." It tells the story of a kid who had been given a ticket to a baseball game. Free for him. Already paid for. All he had to do was show up and claim it. I'll let you watch the video below to see what happens. This video is a great addition to a teaching time, classroom discussion, outreach event and more. It helps kids understand that the ticket to heaven has already been paid for and has their name on it. But they have to accept it for it to be theirs. Great way to start a conversation about salvation. The video is available for you to use in your ministry. You can get it at this link. Enjoy!

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