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Help Families Create a Family Memories Box

Families are looking for ways to make memories. One great tool you can introduce them to is a Family Memory Box. A family memory box is just that. It's a box or container that you place items in that reminds you of special memories you've made as a family. An example would be a brochure or other small item from a place where you went on vacation. Or perhaps it's a handout from a graduation ceremony. Then once or twice a year, you sit down together as a family, bring out some of the items in the box and use them to talk about some of your family's great memories. I have been encouraging families to spend more time and money on making memories than on buying their kids gifts that will be put aside and forgotten in a few months. Here's an example. Rather than spending $100 per child on Christmas toys or other gifts, only spend $50 per child on the toys or other gifts and use the other $50 on making memories on a trip or activity. You can then take something from your trip and put it in the memory box. The blessing about doing this is you will create great memories with your family. Memories that will long outlast a toy, game or clothes. Then create a tradition that certain times each year you sit down, pull out items from the memory box and talk about the memories associated with those items. "Stuff" is nice, but will not be what kids remember when they are grown. But they will remember the time you spent with them, the trips you took them on and the fun things you did together. Here's a picture of our family's memory box. If you don't have one, think about starting one. A few years down the road, you can use it to bring back the precious memories that are associated with the items.

And pass this idea along to the families in your church. They will thank you for it.

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