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Grow You...Grow Your Ministry in 2019

Do you want to see your ministry grow in 2019? There are many factors at play when you think about seeing the ministry grow. What stops a ministry from growing to the next level? Space limitations might be a reason. Limited population where you serve can be another reason. Outdated ministry methods can make a ministry go flat. These are just a few of the reasons a ministry can plateau or even decline. But the biggest reason is the leadership personally stops growing, which results in the ministry not growing. If you want to see the ministry you lead grow this year, then you've got to be committed to growing yourself as a leader. When I was in middle school, I played on our school's basketball team. I did okay, but often missed shots I should have been making. My coach came to me and asked if he could give me feedback about my shooting form. He showed me something about my shooting form that I couldn't see myself. He told me I wasn't bringing my elbow in close to my body as I shot. And it was causing my shoot to go off to the left. I listened to his advise and adjusted my shot. Wham! I started making a lot more shots. A coach can see things you can't see yourself...simply because they are looking in from the outside and can identify things you've have grown used to. A coach can help you identify your blind spots and improve them. A coach can give you the tools you need to build your ministry to the next level. A coach...most importantly...can help you grow and stretch to the next level. That's why you need a coach in 2019 to help you grow. And as you grow...you will see the ministry you lead grow as well. I want to help you grow and as a result, see your ministry grow. That's why I started Advance Children's Ministry Coaching. As part of this, here are a few things that are included for you...

  • 6 months of coaching. Next session will run January to June of 2019.

  • Monthly group coaching call. Live, one-hour sessions on the important topics listed below. Each session includes teaching and group discussions

  • January - Self Leadership

  • February - Leading Staff and Volunteers

  • March - Leading Through Change and Challenges

  • April - Keys to growing a ministry

  • May - Creating a Dynamic Children's Ministry culture.

  • June - Staying Relevant in Ministry

  • Personalized growth plan: Personal one hour phone session with Dale to help you identify areas of growth and development. From this, Dale will help you create a one year growth plan in those areas.

  • Copy of Dale's books.

  • Online support. You get access to a special online forum where you can ask questions directly to Dale and the other members.

You are a leader and now is your time to grow. Participants come from all different sizes of churches, ranging from 150 to 15,000. The principles and coaching works no matter how small or how large your church is. Dale has led in churches from 25 to 27,000 in weekend attendance. Here are some testimonies from some leaders who have went through the coaching experience. I am thankful for the coaching experience I was able to have. I have learned tools that will help me with leadership, growth and structure. The information will help me today, tomorrow and many years to come. -Michelle Carley, 5 Points Church Can you teach an "old dog" new tricks? Dale did! Having worked in children's ministry for almost two decades, I have a lot of experience. Basically that means I am good at some things and avoid the rest. If you are willing to learn, Dale will help you with the rest. -Joel Smith, Children's Pastor I found the Advance program very helpful! I'm convinced everyone would get something out of it - both those with formal training and those without. Dale was affirming of therole of children's ministry in the church as well as provided encouragement to us as participants. He shares practical insight into building an awesome children's ministry. -Eric Gayer, Executive Pastor at Lifegate Church. The next group begins in January and the deadline to apply is December 20. Space is limited, so sign up today at this link. Believing with you that 2019 is going to take you to a whole new level as a leader. Come join us for the journey!

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