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Why the Lesbian Kiss at Macy's Parade?

Our family has a tradition of watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade on Thanksgiving morning. My kids always enjoyed watching the parade when they were little.

The parade is a great event for families to watch together and is considered a family event.

That's why it was so disappointing to see the parade feature a lesbian kiss on live television.

Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla were performing a number from the musical The Prom when they kissed on live TV. Featured front and center. This was the first same-sex kiss in a Macy's Thanksgiving Day telecast.

Here is a replay. The kiss happens at the end of the video.

I'm sure many of you were watching the parade with your kids and saw this happen. As parents and church leaders, it re-affirms the days we are living in. Where people are celebrating a lifestyle that is contrary to God's plan.

Not only that, but they want it to be paraded as something that is good and wholesome for the next generation to be a part of.

What should we do as followers of Jesus?

Parents must be prepared to have conversations with their children about same sex relationships. Millions of parents were watching the parade with their children when the kiss happened. I'm sure there was shocked silence in many homes after the kiss took place. We have to help fill that silence by helping parents know what to say and do.

The days of hiding our children from seeing same sex relationships is dwindling. The gay agenda used to be something you would not see in family friendly broadcasting. Those days are quickly fading.

Our kids will see it. Our kids will hear that it is acceptable. Our kids will face the pressure to be "inclusive."

The church must come alongside parents and help them navigate this. The gay agenda will continue to be "paraded" in front of us and our children as "normal" and a lifestyle that should be celebrated.

Parents should model God's plan for marriage. One of the best ways to help kids see that the gay lifestyle does not align with God's plan for the home, is to show them what a God-ordained marriage between a man and woman looks like.

When kids see the real thing, it will help them avoid falling into a counterfeit relationship.

Churches must equip parents to know how to respond. My 2 boys are grown and have a Biblical view of relationships. One is married (to a lady) and the other is dating a precious young lady. It was easier for me because they didn't grow up seeing 2 ladies kissing on live television.

I did have conversations with them as they grew up about God's plan for relationships. Because of this they were prepared to walk in God's plans. But I also didn't have to worry about same sex relationships being shoved in their faces at a family friendly event. It's a new day and parents must be equipped to share the truth.

When we equip parents to have age-appropriate conversations with their children about same sex relationships, we make it easier for parents to have these conversations with confidence.

Churches should be a place where people, no matter what their lifestyle, can come and find healing and forgiveness. As we train our children to walk in God's ways, we must also teach them that God sent Jesus to redeem everyone, no matter their sin. Though we do not approve of the gay lifestyle, we do love all people who don't know Jesus and should be sharing the good news of the Gospel with everyone.

Parents must equip their children to walk in the truth of God's Word. Biblical illiteracy leads to accepting what the culture deems as normal rather than what God says.

We must teach our children that the Bible is the final authority, not man's opinion or lifestyle.

We must teach our children that Jesus came to forgive us and set us free to walk in His truth and honor Him with our relationships.

We must teach our children that we are to love everyone and share the Gospel with them.

We must teach our children that true fulfillment comes from walking in God's ways and not our own.

Unless America returns to God's Word, the promotion of the gay agenda will continue to increase.

While we see a lesbian kiss airing on national television to millions of kids and families, Rider University removed Chick-fil-A from their potential lists of on campus restaurants.

The reason? Chick-fil-A was considered to be in opposition to the LGBTQ community. The university says it would be a form exclusion and they want to be faithful to their values of inclusion.

Your turn. The floor is yours.

Did you see the lesbian kiss during the parade?

If your kids were watching, how did you respond?

How are you having conversations with your children about the gay agenda?

Are you equipping parents to have conversations about this? How are you doing that?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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