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10 Popular Apps for Kids

Apps give kids the opportunity to play, connect, learn, read and a host of other things. There are thousands, if not millions, of apps available. It is interesting to see which apps kids access the most. Here is a list of some of the top apps available for kids ages 3 to 12. As you read through these apps and their descriptions, think about what draws kids to these apps. What do these apps have that makes them so appealing to kids?

PETTING ZOO This app features crazy animals that kids can touch, poke and pet. There are 21 animals available to pet and play with. It's like taking a trip to the zoo. Kids love, love love animals. You can never go wrong by using animals in your lessons. Check out the teaching series "Amazing Animals." It's available at this link.

CHATTERPIX KIDS This app allows kids to turn any photograph into a talking puppet. Kids can take anything, like their dog, snap a picture and then record the words for the object to say. When they are done, the object talks. Think of ways you can use this to help kids share their faith. It could be something as simple as creating a puppet that shares the Gospel and then putting it out on social media.


This app is best for ages 6 to 12. Kids are in charge of their own island. There are 18 levels to complete and each level challenges kids to take care of the natural resources they have. Kids work to solve problems like pollution, oil spills and more.

Kids love challenges. Challenge them to live out the lesson during the week and give them ways to do so.


This app takes kids to an exciting zoo filled with animated dinosaurs. It is designed for kids ages 7 to 12. Kids build the zoo, take care of the dinosaurs, and add attractions.

Kids love to build things. Give them opportunities to build something related to the lesson. This app is also a good place to talk about creation and what happened to the dinosaurs.


This app gives kids a modern version of the fairy tale. It features Little Red Riding Hood walking through the woods on her way to visit her sick grandmother. There are different forks along the path and kids must choose which way they want to go. The ending of the experience is based on which path kids choose. The app is designed for kids 3 to 8 years.

Kids love stories. Bring to life the great stories of the Bible and share them with kids. You can also use this to talk about making wise choices.


This app tells the story of a little boy joining the family business of sweeping off the surface of the moon. Kids have the opportunity to interact with the story. Kids like to be involved in the story. Get them involved in telling the story. They can act it out while you are telling it or respond when they hear you say a specific word.


Wee You-Things involves 24 unique characters that teach kids to celebrate differences in people. Each of the 24 characters are special in their own way. Some wear glasses. Someone has a purple tooth. Someone is in a wheelchair. The characters aim to teach kids empathy and acceptance of others. This is a great app that can be used to teach kids to respect and honor other people who are not like them. It is also a great time to talk about bullying.

TOCA HAIR SALON ME This app is designed for kids ages 4 to 12. Kids take pictures of their faces and then style their own head in a wacky salon. Green hair? Orange fizzy hair? Glasses? Crazy hair cuts? This app gives kids the opportunity to be creative. Kids love to be creative. And they love wild and wacky outfits. Give kids opportunities to be creative with crafts, activities, etc. They also love to dress up in crazy costumes. Use this when you want to introduce a new crazy character into your lessons or make things funny and upbeat. BUGS AND BUTTONS 2

This app uses realistic bugs and buttons to teach kids math. These elements make learning math lots of fun. 18 games get kids involved in sorting, counting, ordering, using logic and more. Kids love solving things. Think of ways you can meet that need in your lessons. It might be a Bible puzzle or a secret code they have to solve or a treasure hunt.


For ages 7 and up, this app features a candy-eating alien, who needs help solving puzzles in 5 locations. The candy is dangling, so the alien has to strategically cut ropes and maneuver through the courses to get his candy.

Kids love video game formats and this app delivers just that. Think about ways you can bring a format like this into your lessons. Kids also like obstacle courses. You can easily set up an obstacle course in your room and then use it during your lesson.

Bring these different elements into your lessons and overall strategy and you will see kids engaged and excited.

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