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5 Keys to Successfully Onboarding New Volunteers

If you want your ministry to thrive, then it's crucial that you build a strong volunteer team. This means you need to enlist new people to volunteer on a regular basis. But it can't stop there. HOW you bring them on your team is just as crucial for building a strong volunteer team. You see, how you bring new volunteers on your team will set the tone for the time they volunteer with you. Let's look at 5 keys to successfully onboarding new volunteers. Key #1 - Help new volunteers find their sweet spot. When you ask a new volunteer where they want to serve, many times they will say "wherever you need me." And the temptation is to do just that...place them where you need them. But don't do it. Here's why.

Don't place new volunteers where you need them. Place new volunteers where they need to be.

Where they need to be is in a role that aligns with their passion, gifts and personality. You can help a new volunteer find their sweet spot by...

  • Asking them "What's your dream job at church?"

  • Having them take a personality test.

  • Having them take a spiritual gifts test.