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3 Ways to Lose Your Best Volunteers

You don't want to lose your volunteers. Without them, the ministry will quickly crash. We know all volunteers are not going to stick around and go the distance. Life happens. Some move away. Some have major life changes. Some get sick. You can't control those factors. But what you don't want to happen is for volunteers to leave because of poor leadership on your part. Let's talk about 3 big things that can cause you to lose even your best volunteers. You can lose your volunteers if you're not CHALLENGING them.

We are all wired to grow and learn. When volunteers are in a role that no longer challenges them to learn and grow, they can become bored. And that boredom can cause them to start looking for somewhere else to serve. If you want to keep volunteers, then you need to invest time in helping them grow.

If you are not investing in volunteers, they will not be invested in the ministry.

Challenge them by...

  • giving them opportunities to step into roles with more responsibility as they grow