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10 Effective Ways to Follow Up with Easter Guests

Easter is this weekend and your attendance will most likely spike as the CEO's (Christmas and Easter only) attendees show up. You'll probably have some guests as well.

Easter provides a great opportunity to help CEO's and guests get more connected to your church and become regular attenders.

But for this to happen, you need a clear follow up strategy. Here are 10 effective ways to follow up with your Easter guests. You can use one or more of these to create your follow up strategy.

Follow Up Idea #1 - Give guests a great first experience. Follow up starts with the first visit. When you give guests a great first experience, you are laying the foundation for a second visit. The truth is, if a guest has a bad first experience, they are probably not going to come back - no matter how much follow up with them.

Stat your follow up by first focusing on the experience you provide families while they are at your church. This includes things like great parking, friendly and helpful greeters, quick check-in, solid safety and security and a relevant, engaging service. Here are more helpful tips for this.

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Follow Up Idea #2 - Send guests a handwritten note. You'll see that some of the ideas on this list are connected to technology. And that's a good thing. But also don't forget the power of a handwritten note. In the days of digital communication, a handwritten note stands out. You can have your guest services volunteers help with this. Provide them with note cards and ask them to write the notes after they get all the guests checked in.

Here are some more tips on how to do this.

Follow Up Idea #3 - Send them a coupon they can redeem for a gift on their next visit. In the link I just shared, if you look closely at the picture of the postcard, you'll see a coupon on it. When they bring back the postcard, they can turn it in for a free t-shirt.