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5 Keys to Effective Easter Follow-Up

Easter is just around the corner which means you'll have guests walk through the doors. This gives you a great opportunity to see them come back and become part of your church family. But seeing them move from guest to family won't happen without intentional follow-up.

There are 5 keys to effectively following up with Easter guests. Let's dive into them.

Key #1 - A great first experience. Follow up starts when guests first walk in your church doors. How they are treated and how you make them feel on their first visit will largely determine if they return or not. Without a great first experience, the rest of these keys will fall flat. Here are some ways to give guests a great first experience.

Key #2 - Make it personal. If you send a follow-up email, make sure it's not just a mass email addressed to "Dear Friend" or "Dear Guest." If you call them, don't use an automated phone call system. Use their name. The sweetest sound to any guests is their own name.