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20 Ways to Bring Excitement to a Bland Ministry

I do church consulting. Recently, I was at a church consulting for the weekend.

After observing the morning services, the pastor asked me what I thought about their children's ministry.

One word came to my mind. It was this - bland. While the ministry was somewhat organized, their still seemed to be something that was missing.

What was missing was the excitement, energy and culture that growing ministries have.

The ministry was good...but in my opinion, it wasn't great. A great ministry has a magnetic pull that attracts today's families and kids. It's irresistible environments that cause kids to drag their parents to church. It's the kind of energy that causes a child who is at Disney World on a Sunday to become sad because he or she is missing their Sunday morning experience at church.

So, if your ministry is feeling bland, here are 20 ways you can bring fresh energy and excitement.