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20 Mistakes Children's Pastors Make

Here are 20 mistakes children's pastors make. I know this because I have made many of these. If you are reading this, hopefully it will save you from making these mistakes.

Experience is a good teacher. You can avoid making the same mistake twice if you are teachable and learn from your mistakes.

Okay...let's take a look at 20 mistakes children's pastors make.

#1 - Doing more than equipping. Ephesians 4 makes it clear that our role is to equip people for the work of the ministry rather than trying to do it all by ourselves.

#2 - Not paying attention to the details. We had just gotten in new ministry shirts for our volunteers. One of our team members was assigned to send out an email to all of our volunteers to remind them to come by and pick up their shirt on Sunday. But the person missed one small detail in the email. Somehow she left the "r" out of shirt in the email. Yep. You got it. An email went out to all of our volunteers to come by and pick up their sh#t on Sunday. Details matter a lot. Even when it's something as small as one letter.

#3 - Skipping a quiet time because you have too much going on. You can get so busy that you start missing your time with Jesus. If you are not careful, you will end up working for Jesus, but not spending time with Jesus. This will lead to a powerless ministry. It is by spending time with Jesus that we experience God's anointing and power at work in us and through us.

#4 - Taking your