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20 Funny Quotes From Kids

It's Friday and the weekend is fast approaching. I trust you've had a great week.

Thought I'd share some funny quotes from kids to brighten your day as you catch your breath before the weekend begins.

Enjoy and thank you for your heart for the next generation.

I may have over-done teaching politeness to my sons. My 4yo just said, “Oh thank you,” to the automatic soap dispenser. -Kerry

me: watch Star wars with me 10: why's he breathing like that? 5: what is he so hairy for? What is that? 7: is he a good guy or bad guy? 10: why is he wearing black? 7: that guy sounds annoying 10: is he alive still? me: I regret everything. -dadmann

My 8 year old still says “hanitizer” instead of hand sanitizer and I’m not going to be the one to correct him. -mom overboard