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10 Ways to Show Your Volunteers How Much You Appreciate Them

More than ever, volunteers are a critical part of children's ministry. Without them, there would be no children's ministry.

As I connect with churches across the country, I am finding that many have lost a significant number of volunteers due to Covid-19.

I believe and am praying that as the impact of Covid-19 lessens in the months ahead, many volunteers will return and re-engage in the most important ministry in the world - children's ministry.

One important factor in keeping volunteers and seeing them serve for the long haul, is showing them how much you appreciate them. This includes volunteers that are currently serving and for those who will join you as you re-build your team.

Let's look at 10 simple ways you can show your volunteers how much you appreciate them.

1. A handwritten note. In the age of technology, where everything is digital and printed, a handwritten note is gold. Keep a stack of thank you notes by your desk and send out at least 3 a week. In the note, let the volunteer know how much you appreciate them and thank them for their heart for the next generation.

2. A small gift. Their favorite candy bar. A gift certificate to an ice cream shop.

3. Thank you. Two powerful words. Say them every single week to your volunteers.

4. Have the kids make a card for the volunteer.

5. Meet them at a coffee shop and hang out with them for awhile. The tab is on you.

6. Recognize their years of service. Keep tract of how long they have been serving and recognize them for this.

7. Have them over to your house for a cookout. Just have fun hanging out with them.

8. Recognize their birthday.

9. Brag on them. Brag about them to the Pastor. Brag about them to parents. Brag about them in your newsletter or church bulletin. Brag about them on your ministry Facebook page.

10. Text message them. Just a few sincere words of thankfulness for them and their ministry.

Which volunteer will you acknowledge and thank God for this week?

p.s. Have you read my book "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams?" It's been called the best book ever written on the subject." You can get it at this link.

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