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10 Ways to Make Your Children's Ministry Safer

Safety and security must be a top priority. We know that shootings can happen in places that were previously considered safe. Places such as a movie theater...a school...a store...a concert...a business...and yes...even at a church.

More than ever, parents want to know that their children are safe and secure at church. It is so important that parents won't attend a church where the safety of their children is in question.

If you want parents to feel confident in your church's safety and security plan, then you must share with them the steps you are taking to keep their children safe.

Here are 10 ways you can make your children's ministry safer. You may currently not be doing some of these. I want to encourage you to look at these safety steps and consider using them in your ministry. It will make a difference.

#1 - Only allow people who are picking up a child to enter your children's ministry area. Do not allow random walking through. Everyone who enters the children's hallway, area, etc. must have a pick-up tag.

#2 - Hire a police officer (in uniform) to keep watch in your children's ministry area. This will calm parents' fears and provide assurance that their child will be safe.

#3 - Never...never...never allow someone to pick up a child without a matching security tag. No exceptions.

#4 - Only let approved volunteers serve in children's ministry. This includes a background check, personal interview, etc.

#5 - There must be two volunteers before you open a room. No one serves alone. No exceptions.

#6 - Place security cameras inlocked-down the rooms.

#7 - Lock down your children's ministry area once the service has started. Latecomers should be checked individually before being let into the locked down area.

#8 - Have a window in each room so people can look in. This can be a regular window or a door window.

#9 - Have an active shooter plan. What would happen if an active shooter targeted your church? Do all of your team members know what to do?

#10 - If a parent loses his or her pick-up tag, have a process to accommodate this. Have them show a photo ID and check in your computer system to see if they are an approved person to pick up the child.

p.s. Another great resource you can access for your ministry is our Safety and Security Training. This video seminar comes as an instant download that you and your team can watch. Below is more information. You can get it today for only $14.99 at this link.


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