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10 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Serving at Church

A few weeks ago...January 1 to be exact, I was teaching the elementary large group lesson at my home church. (If you haven't taken a look at my curriculum, Connect 12, you should check it out at this link.)

It was New Year's weekend, so some of our volunteers were not there.

I was going to use a computer clicker (or whatever you call it) to advance the slides while I taught.

But then I got an idea. Why not ask one of the kids to run the slides instead? They should be able to do this with no problem...they live in a digital world and many of them know more about technology than we do.

I asked one of the kindergartners if he would like to help me run the slides for the lesson. He eagerly responded and sat down at the computer.

He proceeded to click on all the slides on my cues and never missed a slide.