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10 Ways to Express Your Thankfulness for Volunteers

Volunteers. Without them, there is no children's ministry. It's vital that you recognize and honor them on a regular basis.

Here are 10 ways you can use your words to express thankfulness for the volunteers who serve in your ministry.

1. Recognize their heart for reaching the next generation. I put this first, because it's important to not just recognize what they do, but for who they are as a person. What they do flows out of who they are.

2. Thank them for their faithfulness. Let them know you appreciate how they always show up to faithfully serve.

3. Recognize their passion to reach the next generation. Let them know you appreciate their passion to pass on their faith to the next generation.

4. Honor them by expressing appreciation for their commitment. It's often hard work to pass on their faith. Thank them for their commitment.

5. Recognize their positive attitude. Anyone can be negative. It takes someone special to spread positive words of encouragement.

6. Thank them for how they invest in the kids. Their time. Their talent. Their treasure.

7. Recognize their commitment to excellence. Thank them for giving their best and serving wholeheartedly. They often go the second mile.

8. Thank them for their endurance. Let's be honest. Serving in children's ministry is not always easy. It takes volunteers who are in it for the long haul.

9. Thank them for their commitment to teamwork. It takes teamwork for a children's ministry to thrive. Thank them for serving in unity with those around them.

10. Thank them for being a difference maker. Let them know the impact they are making in the lives of the kids they are ministering to.

My challenge to you is this - every week say at least one of these things to a volunteer. When you do this, the volunteers you serve with will appreciate you and the team will be strengthened and encouraged.


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