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10 Things You Should Communicate to New Guest Families

You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression with new guest families.


What you do and what you say to them on that first visit will determine if they decide to return or not. 

We forget what it's like to walk into the doors of a church for the very first time.  New families walk in the door with lots of internal questions.

Will my child be safe?

Will they be friendly?

Where do I go?

Will anyone my age be there? 

Here are 10 things you should communicate to new guest families.  These 10 things are critical if you want to see new families return.  These can be communicated during the check-in, walking them to the classroom and signing in at the classroom door.  You don't usually have a lot of time when checking in a new family and getting them to their classroom.  But be intentional about briefly sharing these things with new families.

1. Security tags.  Explain the process and let them know it will stop anyone else from picking up their child.

2. All volunteers and staff have been through an interview, background check and training.

3. No one will be alone with your child.

4. We will contact you if your child needs you.  Explain how - pager, text message, etc.

5. What will happen in the kids' service.

6. What the kids are currently learning.

7. Steps you take when a child has an allergy. 

8. Cleaning procedures after each service (Covid19 prevention).

9. If your child gets upset and starts crying, how long should we wait to contact you?

10. We have an exciting ministry for kids - your child is going to have a blast! 

Your turn.  What else should you share with a new family?  Share your thoughts and insights in the comment section below.


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