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10 Reasons Why Your Children's Ministry Is Not Growing

Is your children's ministry stuck? No matter what you do, you just can't seem to grow.

You are not alone. The vast majority of children's ministries are plateaued.

What is causing this? Let's look at 10 reasons why your children's ministry is not growing. See if you can identify with any of these.

You live in a scarcely populated area.

It's hard to see your children's ministry grow when you live in an ar ea where the population is minimum. This is not an excuse for not growing, but it is a factor. It's hard to reach over 100 children when you only have 150 children living in your community.

God does not call everyone to minister in a metropolitan area. He also calls people to small communities. Often people ministering in small, rural areas reach more kids percentpercentage-wiseage wise than people who are ministering in highly populated areas.

The key is to stay faithful no matter where God leads you to minister. People in smaller communities need Jesus just as much as people living in heavily populated areas. Be diligent to share the Gospel wherever you are and you will grow.

You are not having guests visit your children's ministry.

A ministry obviously grows when they have guests come on a regular basis. Create a culture where kids and parents have an "invest and invite" mentality. They invest in building relationships with the people around them who don't know Jesus and then they invite them to come to church with them.

You are not having guests return and become assimilated into the ministry.

It is a challenge to get guests to return for a second visit. The national average of guests returning for a second visit is about 7%. If you want to grow, you will need to better than that. Here are some ideas to get more guests to return.

You are at the 85% point.

The rule is once you hit a capacity of 85% you will stop growing. In other words, if your worship space will hold 100 people, when you start averaging 85 people in that space, you will stop growing. If you want to continue to grow, then you have two options. You can build more space or you can add another worship service. This rule is for both children's space and adult space.

You are hanging on to old traditions that don't resonate with the next generation.

A healthy, growing church will have all generations represented. Grandparents. Parents. Young couples. Single adults. Students. Children. Babies. If you are not growing and your attendance is headed the wrong direction, it may be because you are not reaching all generations. The senior adults must will be willing to change or do some things differently to reach the coming generation. If they are not willing to change for the sake of the next generation, that church will eventually spiral and have to close.

You don't have a good children's ministry.

When you see a growing church, you can be sure they have a solid children's ministry. In today's culture, the children usually have the final say about which church the family will attend. A good children's ministry will be a major growth engine for the church. A floundering children's ministry will have the opposite effect.

You have grown comfortable where you are.

The comfort zone is where dreams go to die.

I would add that the comfort zone is where children's ministries go to become ineffective and irrelevant. This is where the "hold on faithful until Jesus returns" mentality comes from. If you want your children's ministry to grow, then you must be willing to change, stretch yourself, take a hard look at what you are currently doing and find some ways to get outside of the box you find yourself stuck in.

You are not reaching out to your community.

Children's ministries that are growing are involved in their community. They connect with local schools and serve them. They find ways they can bless their community. They spend major time serving outside of the walls of the church.

You are not spending time talking with Jesus and asking Him to send a harvest.

Jesus wants your children's ministry to grow. Jesus wants to anoint you and open doors for you to reach your community. Jesus told us to pray for volunteers for the harvest fields. He said the fields are "white unto harvest." He goes on to say "pray to the Lord of the harvest, that He would send you laborers for the harvest."

When you spend significant time with Jesus by reading His Word and talking to Him in prayer, His anointing and blessings will fall on you and your ministry.

Nothing of eternal value happens without prayer.

God responds to prayer. God will send a great harvest when you pray. God's hand will be on your life and your church when you seek Him.

I pray you will take some time to look over these 10 reasons carefully. Is there anything you need to change? Is there anything you need to start doing? Have you become complacent? Now is the time. You are the person God has anointed. You are the person to bring growth to your church's children's ministry.

Seize the opportunity and see what God does.

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Jul 15, 2023

Great thanks for the important tips on God's work. May God help us grow 🪴.

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