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10 Key Resources You Need for 2021

Are you preparing for 2021? Although there will be many things that will be different, there is also the need to have the right resources to accomplish the key, core things we are called to do in children's ministry.

Here are 10 key areas of ministry that you want to have in place as you enter 2021.

Leading children and families to Jesus. This hits the top of the list. Nothing we do is as important as carrying out the Great Commission and seeing kids and families enter a relationship with Jesus.

Starting Point is a proven resource that can help you see many kids and parents come to Jesus. Using this resource, I have seen thousands of kids and parents come to faith in Jesus. This class has everything you need to lead kids and parents to Jesus. And through Dec. 15, you can get it for only $39 - normally sells for

The first step of obedience after a child or parent comes to Jesus is to follow Him in baptism. Baptism for Kids is a great resource to help kids and families understand what baptism means and see them take that step. Using this tool, I saw over 430 kids and many parents follow Jesus in baptism in one year. And through Dec.15, you can get it for only $39 - normally sells for $69. Click here to see more

Volunteers are the lifeblood of every ministry. It has been a challenge during this season of Covid-19 to keep volunteers engaged. This book will help you to continue building your volunteer team. I used the principles in this book to grow a volunteer team from 300 to 2,600 in 8 years. This book has been called the best book ever written on the subject. And you can get it now for only $10.

Kids' Worship Album. Been singing the same songs for awhile now? Is it time to introduce 12 brand new songs that were written for kids? Much of the kids' worship music that is being released is really adult songs that people have tried to bring down to a kids' level. Problem is...many times kids don't engage with these songs. What kids need are songs that are not adapted down, but rather were written first and foremost for kids to begin with. These 12 songs were written and produced by the amazing Travis August. You get the songs, worship videos and motions examples for only $29.

Apologetics Series for Kids. In a time when we are seeing many kids walk away from the faith, it is crucial that we teach kids why we believe what we believe and give them the tools they need to have a faith that will last for a lifetime. The teaching series "Pranksters" was written to help kids develop a strong faith. The hard questions are asked and answered in this series. Series is on sale for $49 normally sales for $79.

Parent & Child Dedication. One of the most important times to connect with parents is when they are ready to dedicate their child to the Lord. This is one of the key times when parents open the door of their heart and are receptive to your insight and teaching about not only dedicating their children, but also how to raise them to love and follow Jesus.

That's why it's important to have a clear strategy and plan to equip parents during this time. This resource is just what you need for this. It was developed in a local church setting and has been used to help ground thousands of parents in the faith and set them on the path to successful parenting. It includes everything you need for a parent and child dedication class. Also includes everything you need to facilitate the parent & child dedication event. You can get more information at this link. The sale price right now is reduced from $49 to only $29.

Curriculum series called "Amazing Animals." This 4-week series was filmed live with world renowned animal expert Jack Hanna at the Columbus, Ohio Zoo. Jack introduces us to some amazing animals that God created and helps us see that we were also created special by God. Kids learn who they are in Christ and that He loves them. You can get more information at this link.

Sale price is reduced from $79 to only $49.

Blab Lab Curriculum Series. The Blab Lab gets kids excited about blabbing about (sharing) their faith with others. Each week kids create an invention they can use to tell other people about Jesus. The Blab Lab is directed by Professor Blabalot and his sidekick, Crum. There's

plenty of mishaps and fun along the way, as the Professor and Crum

test out their "blab about your faith" inventions with the kids. You can get more information at this link. Sale price reduced from $79 to $49.

10 Kidmin Trends You Need to Know If You Want to Grow (webinar - on demand)

We are living in a society of rapid change. In this webinar, Dale shares the top 10 trends that are going to have an impact on how we do ministry. He will help you prepare to not just survive, but to thrive in the midst of these trends and changes. You can get more information at this link.

This resource is on sale for only $10.00.

Now and Later Video

Now & Later is a great reminder that when you serve in children's ministry, you will see fruit now and for years to come. This is a great video to encourage volunteers and point them back to why they are serving. Can be used at teacher meetings, volunteer training and volunteer appreciation. It's also a great video to use in a service as a recruiting tool. It's on sale for only $5.00. You can get more information at this link.

There are many more resources on sale now through Dec.15. These resources will help you have your best year ever in ministry. Look out 2021...here we come!


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