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10 Fun Large Group Games for Church

I'm speaking at a student ministry camp this week. It's been a lot of fun teaching and interacting with the students.

Each night I have started off with a game that ties into the lesson topic.

Games are a great way to get kids involved in the lesson.

Games are a great way to explain Biblical truth.

Games are a great way to break down walls and get kids to listen to you.

Some would say you shouldn't play games at church. I do believe that you shouldn't play games just for the sake of playing games. Rather, games should always point kids to Biblical truth. Many kids learn best through fun, interactive games.

Here are 10 fun, large group games you can use to get kids involved in your lesson. These are all great games you can play inside or outside.

Heads or Tails?

  • Have all the kids stand up.

  • One side of the room will be heads. The other side will be tails.

  • Have the kids go to either side - the heads or the tails side.

  • Flip a coin.

  • If it's heads, all of the kids who choose heads remain standing. Everyone who chose tails must set down.

  • Have the kids pick a side again and repeat the process.

  • Keep going until only one person is standing.

Lesson tie-in: You will be faced with choices your entire life. Follow God and make the right choices as you listen to His leading.


  • Have the kids get in circles of 5-6 kids.

  • They should stand facing each other inside their circle.

  • Have them bow their heads.

  • Say - 1.2.3. Look.

  • When they look up, if they are looking at the same person who is looking at them...they are both out.

  • As groups lose people, they should combine with other groups.

  • Keep going until there is only one person left.

Lesson tie-in: Jesus loves you. He is always looking your way with love, compassion, blessings and promises.

Fruit Basket

  • Divide the children into four groups.

  • Ask the groups to pick a theme such as dinosaurs, flowers, animals, fruits, scientists or anything else they like.

  • Give each player a sheet of paper and ask them to write their team's name on one side and put double-sided tape on the other.

  • Mix all the groups and ask all but one to arrange themselves in a circle randomly.

  • One person will stand in the center of the circle.

  • The kids will have to stick their paper to the floor, like a floor marker and stand on it.

  • The player in the center of the circle will call out the name of a group. Each member of that group has to move to a new place in the circle, while the player in the center tries to steal a place in the circle.

  • The child who remains out of the circle will stand in the center of the circle and the fun goes on.

Lesson tie-in: Next time you eat a piece of fruit, be reminded that it comes from God. He cares for us and provides for our needs.

Balloon Volleyball

  • Divide the kids into two teams.

  • Have each team get on one side of a net.

  • Give each team 20-30 balloons depending on how many players you have.

  • The goal is to keep the balloons in the air.

  • The kids can also hit the balloons over the net toward the other team.

  • Anytime a balloon hits the ground it is eliminated.

  • The team who has the last balloon in the air on their side wins.

Lesson tie-in: When you fall down, God will lift you back up. He holds you in His hands and sustains you.

Water Bucket Relay

  • Divide the children into two or more teams depending on how many children you have.

  • Two buckets for each team. One filled with water and one empty.

  • Place the buckets apart.

  • Have each team form a line between their two buckets.

  • Kids will pass the water down the line to their empty bucket.

  • They can only use their hands cupped together to pass the water.

  • When the first bucket of water is empty, measure the second bucket.

  • The team that has the most water in their second bucket wins.

Lesson tie-in: As we spend time with God in prayer and reading His word, He will fill us up spiritually so we can live for Him. Each day we need to be filled up with Him.

Mummy Wrap

  • Forms teams of 3-4 people.

  • One person in the group will be the "mummy."

  • The other kids will use toilet paper to wrap the mummy.

  • The group with the best-looking mummy will win.

Lesson tie-in: This is a great game to play when you are sharing the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

A Big Wind is Blowing:

  • Have the kids form groups of 10 (you can do 7 or 8 if needed).

  • Each child should sit in a chair, facing the middle.

  • Take one chair away each round.

  • An adult stands outside the circle and calls out "A big wind is blowing for everyone who....", and fills in the blank with a statement that will affect some of the group (see ideas below).

  • Anyone who is affected must stand up and find another chair that is at least 2 chairs away from their own.

  • Any child who cannot find a chair moves outside the circle.

  • Keep going until there is a winner.

Here are some ideas:

  • A big wind blows for everyone who has a little brother.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who has been to Disney World.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who likes green beans.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who has a pet hamster.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who ate cereal for breakfast this morning

  • A big wind blows for everyone who likes chocolate ice cream.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who was born in May.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who has seen the movie Toy Story.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who has caught a fish.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who takes piano lessons.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who has a pair of tennis shoes on.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who likes to eat carrots.

  • A big wind blows for everyone who has a skateboard.

Lesson tie-in: Jesus loves you and knows about even the smallest details of your life.


  • Have all the kids spread out inside the room or outside.

  • Start playing an upbeat song.

  • As long as the music is playing, the kids can dance, jump up and down, etc.

  • When the music stops, everyone has to freeze.

  • Anyone who keeps moving after the music stops is eliminated.

  • Play as long as time allows.

Lesson tie-in: Pick a Christian song that the kids know. Talk about the song and what it is saying about God.

Balloon Stomp

  • Split the players into two teams.

  • Each group will choose a color like blue or red.

  • Get 50 to 80 balloons in each of the colors. (number of balloons depends on how many kids are playing).

  • Blow up all the balloons.

  • Find a large empty space to play.

  • Arrange the balloons randomly.

  • Set a timer for 30 to 60 seconds.

  • The players must only pop the balloons in their team color.

  • Each team must burst all their balloons before the timer runs out.

  • When the countdown ends, the team that popped the most balloons wins the game.

Lesson tie-in - This game would go well with talking about forsaking and destroying the sins in our lives with Jesus' power of forgiveness. Write the word sin on each balloon and tell the kids we are going to stomp out sin.


There is nothing quite like a good old game of Tug-a-War.

  • Divide the group into two equal teams.

  • Hand them a rope and tie a hanky right in the middle of it.

  • Instruct both teams to pull the rope toward them using all their strength.

  • The team that pulls the rope toward them entirely wins.

Lesson tie-in: We are in a struggle with the devil. Keep pulling yourself toward Jesus. You can pull closer to Him through prayer, Bible reading and sharing the good news of the Gospel. Your turn. What are some of your favorite large group games? Share them in the comment section below.


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