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10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Volunteers

The Christmas season is a great time to honor your volunteers and show them how much you appreciate them.

Here are 10 personable gift ideas for volunteers.

Christmas Ornaments

Buy glass or wooden ornaments and decorate them.  Put the name of your volunteer and the year on the ornament.  I have volunteers that still have their ornaments from 20 years ago. Each year they put the ornament on their tree.

Christmas Cookies

Bake Christmas cookies and share them with your volunteers.  Put a personal note with each cookie gift.

Christmas Party

Invite your volunteers to a Christmas party that is designed just for them.  Have food, games and prizes.  Consider having this at your home if you can fit everyone in.

Christmas Coffee

Give your volunteers a gift card for coffee.  Write a personal note and attach to the gift card.  The note could say "Thanks a Latte!"

Christmas Candle

Give each volunteer a candle with a note that says "No one holds a candle to you."

Christmas Video 

Film kids and parents talking about the volunteers and saying thank you in creative ways.  Compile the video and present it to your volunteers.

Picture Items

Take a picture of the kids and put it in a frame for each of your volunteers.

Bulletin Board Thanks

Create a bulletin board that kids and parents can write "personalized thank you notes" on.

Coffee Mugs

Give each volunteer a coffee mug that shows appreciation.

Carmel Popcorn 

A bag of popcorn with a note that says, "Thanks for popping in and making a difference."

Your turn. What is a gift you have given your volunteers?  Share in the comment section below.


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