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10 Big Reasons Why In-Person Children's Ministry Is More Effective Than Online Children's Ministry

Let me start off by saying I believe using technology to reach kids and parents is something the church should be doing. 


This has especially been true during the current pandemic. Kids (with parental approval) have been able to tune in and stay in touch with their friends, teachers and pastors. It has been amazing watching churches around the world step up to the challenge and provide great online services and events.

I'm all for getting the Word of God out by any means necessary.  The Bible is God's Word whether it is on a TV screen or on a page in a printed Bible.

Technology has opened the doors for us to witness and share the love of God with people all over the world.  People we would have never been able to reach with out the cutting-edge technology God has placed in our hands. 


That being said...I still believe there is nothing as effective as in-person ministry.  Here are 10 big reasons why. 

1. God makes it clear that He wants us to gather.