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This past week, I taught a breakout session at the Kidz Matter Conference.

The talk was about how to build a dynamic volunteer team.

I gave several examples of how I have built several large volunteer teams by using some strategic initiatives.

One of the points was using "1 Time = Full-time." What do I mean by this? Let me explain.

If you are like most churches, you have 2-3 big children's ministry events throughout the year. A fall festival. Easter. VBS. Summer camp. Christmas.

Often we will invite people to serve one time at one of these events. We then give the person a great serving experience. The primary way you can do this is to place them with your "rock star" volunteers. In other words, don't place them with Negative Nelly.

After the event is over, gather all the names of the people that served with you that one time. A week after the event, go back and contact the people who served this one time. Invite them to join and serve on your team on a permanent basis.

I found that 85% of the people we contacted would say "Yes, I would be interested in serving with you on a regular basis."

We saw a lot of fruit come from this strategy. Some of our best volunteers were reached through this.

Try it. You will see many people join your team if you pursue this.

This strategy is just one of the game-changing strategies that can be found in my book "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams."

You can get the book in paperback or ebook format. Click here if you want to order the book or get more information about it. It has been called the best book ever written about volunteers and is how I built a volunteer team of over 2,200 in 9 years.


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