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Connect12 Curriculum (Entire Year)

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An entire year's worth of relevant, strategic elementary curriculum for only $500.00.

Connect12 was developed by Dale Hudson and takes kids up a clear pathway from salvation to spiritual leadership.

You get...

  • 12 cutting-edge series. Each series lasts a month.
  • Includes a bonus Christmas, Easter and Glow lesson.
  • Includes 12 original worship songs with video. Songs that kids actually sing and love.
  • Curriculum is delivered to you via a USB drive that is yours to keep. Free shipping.
  • Each lesson has been carefully written to include all learning styles and methods that are guaranteed to grab the attention of your kids.
  • Lecture-based? No way! Each lesson includes active learning with hands-on activities, discussions, games and other attention-grabbing methods.
  • Relevant videos for kids. These videos do not teach the entire lesson. Instead, they are used to enhance the teaching time, but not replace it.
  • The 12 Key Truths will be transferred into your kids' long-term memory. Guaranteed.
  • Can be used for Sunday morning, mid-week, Bible clubs and more.
  • Guaranteed to engage and keep the attention of the kids you minister to.
  • 5th Sunday ideas:

    • Use as review weekends.
    • Use stand-alone lessons like Glow, Christmas lesson, etc.
    • Have high attendance weekends / emphasize bringing guests / share the Gospel, etc.
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