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"12" Worship Album For Kids (music videos & audio & motions)

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There's a brand new worship album for kids and it's called "12." What's up with the 12? The album has 12 original songs that correspond with the 12 truths in our Connect12 curriculum. The songs take kids on a discipleship journey from salvation all the way to spiritual leadership.

Here's a question. Are you tired of seeing kids just stand there during worship and not join in? That won't happen with this album. It is written with today's kids in mind and has a cool, modern style that kids love.

The songs were written and produced by Travis August. Travis is a creative, talented artist that loves to create music that helps kids and families love and follow Jesus. You can see more of his music at www.travisaugustmusic.com.

Here's what you get when you purchase this worship video album.

  • 12 original kids' worship songs. (see below)
  • Lyrics for each song.
  • Audio tracks for each song with both vocals and no vocals. This gives you the option to sing along with Travis or be the lead vocalist.
  • Worship video for each song that has the words on screen. Comes with one video that has vocals and one video that does not. This again gives you the option to sing along with Travis or be the lead vocalist.
  • Yep. We got motion videos with Travis teaching kids the moves that go along with each song.

Here are some samples of the song:

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