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The Latest on Kids and Screens

Parenting is no easy task in today's culture.

According to Pew Research, 75% of parents in the U.S. say parenting is harder today than it was 20 years ago, with many citing technologies - like smartphones or social media - as a big reason why.

A big point of debate is how much screen time kids should be allowed to view each day.

While a majority of parents with a young child say they are very (39%) or somewhat confident (45%) in knowing the appropriate amount of screen time for their child, they are also seeking out advice from others.

Some 61% of parents of a child age 11 or younger say they have received advice or information about screen time from a doctor or other medical professional and 55% say the same about other parents, while 45% of parents of a child age 5 to 11 have turned to teachers for help.

The concerns come at a time when it's a common thing for children to engage with digital devices.

  • 80% of parents say their child age 5 to 11 uses or interacts with a tablet computer.

  • 63% of parents say the same about smartphones.

YouTube has become a big part of screen time.

  • 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day.

  • The platform has over 2 billion users.

  • 80% of all parents with a child age 11 or younger say their child watches videos on YouTube.