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The Future of Kids' Ministry

What's in the future for today's kids? The experts at Kidscreen magazine recently released some interesting insight about what's in the near future for kids.

Online, VR gaming. There are currently over 474 million people

participating in online gaming. Trends show this will increase to 577 million by 2024.

A big part of online gaming will be virtual reality. Virtual reality headsets will reach $5 billion in sales by 2023. Experts say in the next few years it will be on every kid's Christmas wish list.

Metaverses will morph into Metasocieties. A metaverse is a virtual world where kids can explore and create their own virtual worlds, games and brands. Roblox is an example of this. The popular online gaming platform has over 43 million daily users.

Metasocieties are communities that are created by kids who are focused on social issues. It will become hubs where kids can discuss what is important to them.

“Kids content will become democratized because kids from all over the world will be connected in a way that defies geographic location." Their real-life values will be reflected in these online communities, and as people connect, they will nurture