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"TARGETing" Children

Have you ever heard this quote?

In the race to a child's heart, the first one there wins.

This quote has never been so relevant to heed as it is today.

We are in a battle for the heart and soul of the next generation.

Look what Andrew Sullivan, a cultural commentator who is himself gay, says about the core belief of critical queer theorists.

"There is no such thing as human nature. Everything is socially constructed. Their goal is therefore to 'liberate humankind from the prison of gender,' beginning with children."

Sullivan goes on to say, "If they could get into kids' minds, bodies and souls from the very beginning of their lives, they could abolish the sex binary from the ground up. And so they got a pliant, woke educational establishment to re-program children from the very start, telling toddlers that every single one of them could be living in the wrong body, before they could even spell."

Beth Bukoski, an associate professor at the University of Texas' College of Education says this, "I think parents don’t always give credit to their kids. Because kids can hold and understand a lot more than we think they can … I think it has to start at a young age. That’s how you normalize it.

Normalizing that LGBTQ+ identities exist, have always existed, and are, in fact, quite normal. The goal is to infiltrate and indoctrinate the next generation with an LGTBQ mindset."

Target has recently created products to help this change happen. They have joined other companies and initiatives to push this agenda into the lives of the next generation. Here are just a few examples of how Target is "targeting" children with the LGTBQ lifestyle.