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Silence...the Hearing Place

It's hard to find silence these days. We are bombarded with noise all the time. You have to be very intentional to find silence.

Part of the issue is we have been programmed to seek noise most of the time.

In the car, we have the radio or Pandora on.

When we are home, the TV is always on.

Our smartphones are constantly dinging with new text messages.

Our smartphones regularly ring with someone wanting to talk with us.

While we are working around the house or out in the yard, we have earbuds that constantly send music and podcasts to us.

While winding down in bed at bedtime, we scan through TicTok to see and hear new things.

If we have kids at home, it is a rare occasion to have silence invade our house.

When we are at work, we can't seem to get all our tasks completed due to the noise of the meetings we attend, the conversations we have with our colleagues and the