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Invest in Yourself - Advance Coaching for Children's Ministry Leaders

I had a basketball coach in middle school that helped me become a better player. I was shooting the ball with my elbow out. He showed me how I could make more of my shots if I brought my elbow in and lined it up with the basket. I took his advice and it worked. I started shooting better and scoring more points in the games.

No matter how experienced you are at something, you can still improve and go to the next level in your skills and in your leadership. Even the best professional athletes have coaches. They never want to stop learning, growing and being stretched out of their comfort zone. By the way, nothing grows in a comfort zone. That's why I started the Advance Children's Ministry Leadership Coaching experience. It's a 6-month coaching experience that will help you grow and get to the next level in your leadership. I can help you. For 31 years, I've led in churches of 200 to churches of over 30,000 people. I've learned much from my successes and my failures and now I am sharing my experiences with others. Here is what you get when you join this experience:

Come join us. Space is limited, so register today at www.buildingchildrensministry.com/coaching. You will come out the other side with fresh ideas, insights and ministry skills.

Here's what some of the people who have been through the program are saying. "I am so thankful for the coaching experience I was able to have with Dale Hudson.  I have learned tools that will help with leadership, growth and structure.  I know that this information will help me today, tomorrow and many years to come.  I would highly recommend anyone in Children's Ministry to take part in this amazing coaching experience."  Michelle Carly - 5 Points Church "Dale does a great job of lining up the essentials of children’s ministry to teach you the most important, often overlooked, aspects of the ministry. While all of my previous training had been “on the job,” this session with Dale really solidified all that knowledge and also helped me have some tangible aspects to measure. I was able to use this course to put some processes in place and it allowed me to step back and create an overarching planning for the ministry. I would highly recommend this course, especially for anyone not officially trained in children’s ministry." Erin Althaus - West Market Church  "Can you teach and "old dog" new trick?  Dale did!  Having worked in children's ministry for almost two decades, I have a lot of experience.  Basically, that means I am good at some things and avoid the rest. If you are willing to learn, Dale can help you with the rest!" Joel Smith - First Colony Church


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