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Invest in Yourself - Advance Coaching for Children's Ministry Leaders

I had a basketball coach in middle school that helped me become a better player. I was shooting the ball with my elbow out. He showed me how I could make more of my shots if I brought my elbow in and lined it up with the basket. I took his advice and it worked. I started shooting better and scoring more points in the games.

No matter how experienced you are at something, you can still improve and go to the next level in your skills and in your leadership. Even the best professional athletes have coaches. They never want to stop learning, growing and being stretched out of their comfort zone. By the way, nothing grows in a comfort zone. That's why I started the Advance Children's Ministry Leadership Coaching experience. It's a 6-month coaching experience that will help you grow and get to the next level in your leadership. I can help you. For 31 years, I've led in churches of 200 to churches of over 30,000 people. I've learned much from my successes and my failures and now I am sharing my experiences with others. Here is what you get when you join this experience: