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Gen Z Bible

Which Bible version do you use when you are teaching the next generation?  

I personally prefer the New Living Translation when I am teaching Gen Z or when I am writing lessons for kids.

But I also wanted to do a review for you about some of the Gen Z Bibles. 

One of the versions is the New Testament for Gen Z. It is designed and written with today's kids and young people in mind.

Many Gen Z young people prefer this version. It is specifically tailored for them. Using the latest AI technology, the scripture has been updated into a verse-by-verse rendition.

The translator of the Gen Z Bible is Adrian Blankenship.  

There is also The Word According to Gen Z.  This is a devotional that is aimed at attracting Gen Z into it's readership.  This devotional is based off the ESV translation.

It's important to know how the target audience is responding to this. Gen Z is the least Christian generation in American history and many of them have little knowledge of Biblical teaching or what the Bible says. We cannot assume Gen Z has any Biblical foundation that we can build on. 


People are also meeting Gen Z where they are...TikTok.  TikTok's "Gen Z Bible Stories" seeks to answer the questions of life for a generation that comes across as being apathetic toward Biblical truth.

With over 150,000 followers, one million likes, and over seven million views, Gen Z Bible stories is the latest viral account to take TikTok by storm.  The producers take classic Biblical tales and retells them with a casual Gen Z vibe.  Many TikTok comments have come in and say this "new translation" is helping them better understand the Bible.

Many young believers say the "Gen Z Bible Stories" has deepened their faith by giving them a better understanding of Christianity.


We know that Gen Z needs to see their faith deepen.

Here's an example by generations:


10% of Boomers have a biblical worldview. 

7% of Gen X have a biblical worldview. 

6% of Millennials have a biblical worldview. 

4% of Gen Z have a biblical worldview. 

This is obviously not a good trend.


Gen Z is less Christian and more confused about moral and spiritual truth than any previous generation.  

The good news...we have the answers and they are found in the Bible.  We've got to take the first step and help them fall in love with God's Word and live it out. 

Your turn. 

What version of the Bible do you use to teach kids?

What are you doing to see the Bible come alive for today's kids?


Is the foundation of the Bible you teach strong enough to help Gen Z see through the culture and worldviews they are growing up in? 


Love to hear your insight and thoughts about this.  You can leave your comments in the section below.


Feb 15

Give an example of a passage comparing it to say—ESV. I would be so very cautious of a translation that adapts to a culture—does that affect the “pronouns”?

Dale Hudson
Dale Hudson
Feb 15
Replying to

great question

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