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Bite-Sized Training

Normally when we think about doing an in-person volunteer training, we think of a big meeting with team-building games, ice-breakers, lots of food, decorations and an extended time of teaching.

Those times can definitely be beneficial. Most churches do these type of trainings 2-4 times a year.

But have you thought about the benefits of bite-sized training as well?

Each week, there is a small window of time when you can do bite-sized training.

When is that?

It's during a pre-service volunteer meeting.

Are you currently doing a pre-service meeting with your volunteers? If you're not, I would encourage you to start doing so. It will make a big impact on your team.

The meeting should last for around 8-10 minutes. Here's what to cover during this meeting.

  • welcome / announcements (1 min)

  • training (3-5 min)

  • prayer (2-3 min)

You will notice the time allotted for training. This is your opportunity each week to bring a bite-sized training to your team. You should be very intentional about what you use that bite-sized training for each week. Don't wing it. Come into the meeting knowing exactly what you will be talking about during the training.

Personally, I have always u