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A Great Opportunity to Streamline Your Ministry

The pandemic has brought about so many changes for ministries. Online services for kids. Virtual VBS. Safety and security at a whole new level.  Cleaning and sanitizing amplified.  

And most ministries have had to stop or postpone some of their normal programming and events.  

But, here's the deal. Cutting back on the number of ministries and events may be a good thing.  

Here's why.  A large percentage of children's ministries were trying to do too much before Covid-19 happened.  

Too many programs.  Too many events.  Too many activities.  Too many classes.  Too many...you get the point.  

You see, there is a natural tendency to keep adding more programs, more events and more activities to your children's ministry calendar.  

You then reach a certain point where you are doing a lot of things mediocre instead of doing a few things with excellence.  When it comes to being effective, less is more.  

With the current situation we find ourselves in, this is a great time to streamline your ministry and narrow your focus to a few things that your ministry can do very well.