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Are You Ready for Easter? Here's Help

Easter is fast approaching. Are you ready?

Easter is one of the most important days of a ministry year.

Your church will be full. Why? Because everyone shows up at the same time. Many families go to church once every 3-4 weeks. Except for Easter...they are all there. It gives you a good picture of how many people you are actually ministering to over the course of a month.

Easter is also one of the times each year, when unchurched people are open to attending.

We have a big opportunity at Easter to share with lots of kids and families why we believe Jesus rose from the dead. It is one of the best times of the year to reach people.

I believe that is one reason it is crucial to have a lesson ready that creatively shares the Gospel with kids.

This led me to create an Easter lesson that would be engaging, relevant and clearly shared the Gospel.

The lesson I created is called "C.S.I." The letters stand for "Christ Scene Investigation."

CSI turns the kids into investigative reporters. The content is highly engaging, relevant and interactive. Kids are drawn into the investigation about Jesus' rising from the dead. Here's what a few of the churches who have used it have to say.