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You've Been Picked (video)

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Remember when you were playing as a kid and it was time to pick teams. One by one, kids were picked by the two teams. If you were one of the last to be picked, it was a scary feeling. And you really felt like a loser if you got picked last. It was like being the leftovers that no one wanted.

In this video, we capture that scenario and then we help kids understand that if they were standing in line, Jesus says "I pick you." He loves you. He values you. You are important to Him. You've been picked by Jesus.

This video helps kids understand who they are in Christ.

The video is a great discussion starter. Can be used for a large group lesson, a small group, mid-week programming, etc.

It's available as an instant download. See sample below.

Get your copy today for only $9.99 at this link.

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