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Pastors' Kids...Staff Kids - How to See Them Follow Jesus for a Lifetime (Seminar)

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Did you know that up to 40% of Pastors' Kids and Staff Kids grow up and leave the church? There are many factors and reasons why this happens.

Dale is qualified to teach this seminar. He grew up as a Pastor's kid and is now the father to two PKs as well.

In this seminar, Dale shares why PKs and SKs walk away and what we can do to change that. In this ground-breaking seminar, you will learn how to parent them, teach them and meet the unique needs that comes with being a PK or SK.

You'll hear stories from PKs and SKs who grew up in this. Some are still following Jesus...others are not. You'll learn valuable insight from their stories.

The seminar also includes an ebook copy of Dale's book - Fertile Soil...how to see kids' faith grow and flourish for a lifetime ($12 value).

The seminar can be watched streaming or you can download it. Churches that purchase this can show the seminar to other staff members in their church as well.

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