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"My Best Friend" Worship Video & Song

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"My Best Friend" is an original worship song written and produced by Travis August. It compliments the curriculum series "Unlikely Friends." If you purchase the "Unlikely Friends" curriculum series, the song comes with the curriculum, so you do not need to purchase it here.

The art work for this series was done by an award winning artist who is an illustrator for Sports Illustrated magazine.

The main message of the song shows kids how they can grow in their friendship with Jesus.

The song is delivered electronically, so you have immediate access to it.

When you purchase this song, here is what you get.

  • Worship video with vocals
  • Worship video without vocals
  • Worship song with vocals
  • Worship song without vocals
  • Song lyrics
  • Motions included (go to the "little royals travis august" channel on YouTube to access the motion video)
  • see sample video of the song below: (click on the corner arrow to watch full screen)

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