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Safety and Security is one of the most important issues facing the church. Attacks and abuse can strike at any time and place. We are called to be “wise as serpents and harmless of doves.” Churches must be prepared to protect the kids and families in their care. This seminar can help your ministry have the knowledge and training you need to be prepared and stay safe.

Session 1 - Why Safety & Security Must Be a Top Priority in Your Church

You'll learn why it's so important not only for protecting children, but for reaching families and growing your church as well.

Session 2 - Predator Proofing Your Ministry

The enemy will try to send predators into your ministry. Discover the keys to keeping them out and keeping children safe.

Session 3 - Safeguarding & Securing Your Ministry

Be prepared for terrorism, active shooters, crisis, dealing with unstable people, taking care of medical issues and other situations.


  • Video recording of all sessions in both streaming and downloadable formats
  • Audio recording of all sessions
  • Handouts from all sessions
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