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Workout (wisdom series)

This series teaches kids how to have the wisdom to say "NO" to unwise things. Each week kids enter a fun, interactive workout that builds their no muscle.  Lessons include...


  • Week 1 - Say NO to Peer Pressure (Daniel & the Lion's Den)
  • Week 2 - Say NO to Temptation (Jesus tempted in the wilderness)
  • Week 3 - Say NO to Wrong Friends (Samson)
  • Week 4 - Say NO to Bullying (Ephesians 4)


Click here for sample lesson


Click here for sample video

Workout (wisdom series)

  • Delivered Electronically - Instant Download



    • graphics for posters, social media, promotions
    • graphics for slides for Power Point, Pro Presenter, Media Shout, Keynote
    • 4 weeks of lesson videos
    • 5-minute video countdown
    • 4 weeks of lessons that can be used in large group format, small group format, traditional classroom format, mid-week format
    • lessons are editable and flexible to fit your specific ministry context
    • small group leader guide that's easy-to-use and requires little prep
    • hands-on, experiential, interactive learning
    • connects with all learning styles
    • games that bring fun and learning together
    • take home pages for each week

               and much more

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