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Money Talks (stewardship series for kids)

This 4-week series gives kids a foundation for a lifetime of stewardship.  It features highly creative videos where the presidents on money come alive and share truths about stewardship with the kids. 


This series is also great to use if your church is doing an adult series on stewardship such as Financial Peace University.  Some of the largest churches in the country have used this series with great results. 


In Money Talks, kids learn...


  • Week 1 - Money Talks About Owning
  • Week 2 - Money Talks About Tithing
  • Week 3 - Money Talks About Sharing
  • Week 4 - Money Talks About Planning


click here for a sample lesson


click here for a sample video


click here for another sampe video

Money Talks (stewardship series for kids)

  • Delivered Electronically - Instant Download



    • graphics for posters, social media, promotions
    • graphics for slides for Power Point, Pro Presenter, Media Shout, Keynote
    • 4 weeks of lesson videos
    • 5-minute video countdown
    • 4 weeks of lessons that can be used in large group format, small group format, traditional classroom format, mid-week format
    • lessons are editable and flexible to fit your specific ministry context
    • small group leader guide that's easy-to-use and requires little prep
    • hands-on, experiential, interactive learning
    • connects with all learning styles
    • games that bring fun and learning together
    • take home pages for each week

               and much more

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