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Blast to the Past (Easter Lesson)

Connor and Chloe get blasted back the past where they meet Jesus at the tomb after He has risen. They learn who Jesus is, what He did and why He did it.  Through this experience, kids will discover the meaning of Easter and how they can have a relationship with the risen Savior. 


This is an interactive lesson that includes hands-on activities and live interaction with the lesson videos. 


Click here to see sample of lesson


Click here to see video sample

Blast to the Past (Easter Lesson)

  • Delivered Electronically - Instant Download



    • graphics for posters, social media and promotion
    • slide graphics for Power Point, Pro Presenter, Media Shout, Key Note
    • ready-to-print interactive pieces that kids use to interact with the videos in real-time
    • 5-minute video countdown
    • lesson videos
    • lesson plans that fit large group format, small group format, traditional classroom format, mid-week format
    • lesson is flexible and editable to fit your specific ministry context
    • lesson hits all learning styles
    • lesson is hands-on, experiential and learner-based
    • easy-to-use small group leader plans with little prep needed




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