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Baptism for Kids

Baptism for Kids is a one-session class that helps kids understand baptism.  The class answers questions like...


  • What is baptism?
  • Why should I be baptized?
  • When should I be baptized?


It is designed for kids and their parents to attend together and provides follow-up tools that parents can use to help prepare their children for baptism.  The class has helped hundreds of kids and parents follow Jesus in baptism and is a great resource for ministries that want to see kids and families take that step.


*This resource is designed to accompany the Starting Point Class. It is recommended you take kids through the Starting Point Class (or another faith commitment curriculum) before you take them through this class.

Baptism for Kids

  • Delivered Electronically - Instant Download



    • teacher's guide
    • class handout for kids (ready to print)
    • class handout for parents (ready to print)
    • pre-class activity pages (ready to print)
    • all handouts are editable so you can adjust as needed for your specific ministry
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • Ready-to-go media files you can place in other presentation software such as Pro Presenter, Media Shout, Keynote, etc.
    • promotional materials
    • baptism certificate templates you can edit for your ministry


    Click here to see a sample of the teacher's guide


    Click here to see a sample of a class video


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