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Alligator Ted & The Quest for King David's Treasure (worship series)

Alligator Ted is on a quest to find King David's treasure! There's plenty of adventure along the way as he helps kids discover that worship is not just something you do at church, but every day of the week. It takes a deep dive into how David modeled worshipping God for us.


This series is very interactive and gets kids involved in the on-screen action as they help Alligator Ted solve clues and riddles to find the treasure. The videos for this series were produced by a director who works with Disney and contains lots of cool special effects.  Alligator Ted is played by a former television personality. 


Lessons include...


  • Week 1 - Everyday worship (everything we do can be an act of worship)
  • Week 2 - Worship...Your Gift to God (David worships through giving)
  • Week 3 - Harp on It (David worships God through music)
  • Week 4 - Dance Party (David worships God through giving thanks)


Click here for a sample lesson


Click here for a sample video


Click here for another sample video

Alligator Ted & The Quest for King David's Treasure (worship series)

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